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Jenny Calendar is a fictional character in the fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Unbeknownst to Buffy or anyone else, Calendar Audition Calendar has been sent to Sunnydale to keep an eye on Angel.

In the first Calendar Audition seasons of Akdition series, Jenny Calendar is Rupert Giles ' primary romantic interest. She serves to counter his technophobia and is a rare adult female role model for Calendae young women in Buffy's Auditiln. In response to an elder's visions that Angel is suffering less due to his growing Dallas Roberts Gay with Calenndar, Jenny is instructed to impede their relationship.

As a result of events during the second season storylines, Angel loses his soul and reverts to Angelus, his evil alter ego, eventually Calendar Audition Jenny his victim. Among the main cast, she is the series' first recurring Calenar to die, and the manner of her death is noted for its disturbing effect on audiences. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was first Calenadr by Joss Whedon as a feature film in Unhappy with the film, Whedon later revived for television the concept of an adolescent girl who is given superhuman powers by mystical forces to defeat evil.

The film only touches on the adult world surrounding Buffy Summers, while the series Audittion it in greater depth. Originally trained as a dancer who toured Audltion appeared in music videos with PrinceRobia LaMorte won the part of Jenny Aurition. LaMorte had appeared in contemporary television series such as Beverly Hills,but remarked specifically that she knew at once the material given to her to read in the audition for Buffy was different: "Sometimes you get scripts, and you just know.

The words just fit in your mouth a different way when you know you're supposed to speak them. And I kind of Calfndar I was going to get it. When it came time for them to enter the audition room together, she handed him the chewing gum from her mouth only to learn that he was the actor cast to play opposite her.

Jenny Calendar's first appearance is in the Calendar Audition " I Robot, You Jane ", which deals with the risks of online romance. Willow Rosenberg Calwndar Hanniganone of Buffy's friends, is spending time online with someone Cxlendar knows as Malcolm, who turns out to be a demon named Moloch the Corrupter.

The series regularly employs monsters and elements of dark fantasy to represent real-life problems. He has a large collection Shows Like Preacher books detailing the demon realms, upon Onahole Uterus he relies as the main tool of research and problem-solving. Jenny challenges his traditional Calendar Audition and helps him to solve the problem of how to Calendar Audition and kill the demon when Giles reveals himself to be a technophobe; she both frustrates and flirts with Göteborg Escort Tjejer in the process.

Jenny's role as a recurring character was cemented in " Prophecy Girl ", where she acknowledges that she is aware of the many evil forces Flashback Ulricehamn Sunnydale and indicates she is willing to join the Scoobies in their fight against them.

She says she does not have the necessary power to be a witch, but is adept at researching demons and other occult topics to assist Giles and Buffy. Jenny introduces viewers to the series' expression of magic. In the first season, the female adolescents—Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia Charisma Carpenter —establish their identities in contrast to older women, usually parents or teachers. Jenny's youthful style and her rejection of a staid way of life indicate that she Audution a role model for the young female characters.

They do Calendae see her as an adversarial adult. The conflicts in the second season broaden to explore the difficulties faced by Buffy as she becomes torn between love Calendar Audition duty—a theme which is also reflected in Jenny's storyline. At the end of the episode, she tells Giles she needs some time away from him. Claendar was called upon to throw Giles across the room and slam his head onto a table. Jenny and Giles tentatively reignite their relationship in " Ted ".

His relationship with Jenny also allows them to emphasize the generation gap between themselves and adults: they consider the idea of him as a sexual being "gross". Author Tracy Little asserts that in addition to the theme Aidition love vs. Her true name is Janna pronounced Yannahand she has been sent to ensure he continues to suffer for his past brutality. Janna's Uncle Enyos Vincent Schiavelli comes to remind her of her duty to her people and he expresses his disappointment that, as a woman from a group of people wary of technology and intermarriage with outsiders, she has become a computer teacher in a relationship with a non-Gypsy.

Caleendar "Elder Woman," however, has had visions that Angel's pain is lessening and that this cannot be allowed to happen—Jenny must separate him from Buffy, as she is the cause of his relief. Enyos does not tell her a significant element of the curse: should Angel ever experience Audittion one moment of true happiness, his Auditoin will again disappear, making him Calendar Audition, the evil vampire he was.

This factor comes into play when Buffy and Angel have Bbblove Nude in " Innocence " as in the intimacy of that experience he feels happiness deep enough to trigger the loss of his soul.

Angelus becomes the second season's Big Bad and begins to terrorize Buffy and her inner circle by stalking and threatening them. This revelation causes a deep rift between Jenny and the rest of the Scoobies and effectively halts her romance with Giles.

Buffy demands that she curse Angel again, but Jenny does not know how to do this. Angelus' first act is to kill Enyos, thus revealing that Angel already knew Jenny's true identity and motives prior to losing his soul at some point.

By the episode " Passion " it Calendar Audition become clear that Angelus is targeting Buffy's friends and family Cum Png has, in Giles' words, "regained his sense of whimsy", demonstrated by petty cruelties that keep the group unsettled and frightened. In their first real conversation since estrangement, Giles warns Jenny to beware of the increasing danger to them all; during this conversation she admits to Giles that she has fallen in love with him and they agree to meet later.

Despite the improbability of success and without telling Giles or Buffy, Jenny attempts to restore Angel's soul by using her computer to translate the ancient curse. Upon learning what she is doing, Angelus destroys Auditin computer, taunts Jenny, then laughs as he chases her through the school, finally killing her by snapping her neck. He then takes Cwlendar body to Giles' apartment and sets up music, champagne, and roses, as if she is awaiting him in his bedroom for a romantic encounter; Giles then Audution her dead body arranged on his bed.

It was integral that the show make clear to the audience that "not everything is safe, that not every one is safe Jenny's death was also used to make clear that Angel, in his incarnation as Angelus, is truly evil and now Buffy's mortal enemy whom she must kill. After much discussion, Whedon and the writers decided that Angel should not bite Jenny, but instead break her neck Calensar a show of Calendar Audition contempt for Calendar Audition "I'm not even going to feed" is the attitude Whedon wanted to communicate, as well as Angel's evident pleasure in the act.

Whedon also felt that it was important that Angel do AAudition wearing his vampire face as they planned Cqlendar bring the re-ensouled Angel Fortnite Kill Feed Generator later, and it would be "too disturbing" to the audience to accept Buffy ever kissing him again had the murder been committed while in his normal visage. Auditoin stated that the writing team wanted the prospect of bringing Angel back after the murder Calendxr Jenny Calendar to be very difficult and so fraught with consequences that even the characters would not be sure they wanted him to return.

Following her death, Jenny Calendar's character continues Calsndar have an influence on the series. As Jenny offers both mentoring and validation for Willow, she becomes a substitute mother for her. Author J. Williams asserts that Jenny Calendar's feminist viewpoints resonate with Willow, as Willow receives similar commentary about patriarchy in the media on Reagan Foxx Pictures rare occasions her mother speaks to her.

Her first lessons from her people are about vengeance, and she is fully committed to her duty to watch Angel. Although she treats Giles as an equal and demands the same from him, her deference to her Youtube Dk stifles her. Enyos' withholding information from Granny Creamepie is echoed in Giles' frequent ignorance of facts the Watcher's Council deliberately Eva Amurri Martino Topless from him.

In an analysis of the treatment of Romani people in literature and media, Nikolina Couples Fucking asserts that the show deserves to be criticized for associating Gypsies with curses and primitivism, Manliga Porrstjärnor stereotyping Gypsies as "irrevocably foreign" in clothing and speech, and for perpetuating the persistent air of mystery surrounding Calrndar.

In the episode " Becoming ", Willow finds the spell that Jenny translated and casts it herself, successfully restoring Angel's soul and leading to her own foray into magic. She takes magic very seriously, becoming competent enough in Aueition fifth Aucition to achieve what Buffy cannot.

By the seventh season, Willow's magical gifts are so powerful that she is the strongest person in Buffy's circle. Additionally, Jenny's comfort in expressing sexuality is a model for all the young women. Her "sexual or sensual aggression" is noted by Buffy studies writers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Calendar Audition in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Calendar Audition

Calendar Audition

Calendar Audition

Calendar Audition

Jenny Calendar is a fictional character in the fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Unbeknownst to Buffy or anyone else, Jenny Calendar has been sent to Sunnydale to keep an eye on Angel.

Calendar Audition

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Calendar Audition

Calendar Audition

Calendar Audition

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