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Kennel Buckwheat

Kennel Buckwheat

Erotisk Buckwheater's Skye Terriers Foton

Click to enlarge. Long Gone Buckwheat will be bred to select bitches. The furture looks bright for the bigleggy white and black setter.

We are all enjoying shooting birds over his points, daily. Buck ran a great hour and pointed his birds, with style and accuracy. Buck ran big, yet handled as a grouse dog should!!! We could not be prouder of him. His disposition is loving and kind. And just for the record, we do NOT own a tracking collar, don't use one, don't know how to use one, nor do I want to know how to use one! If my dog is running so far out of control, that I need a tracking collar to find him or her I am doing something wrong!

Just my not so humble opinion. Thank youas always to Dave Hughes for taking "Buckwheat " to Michigan and handleing him for us to this great win. Got home safe and sound Sunday night. Made the introductions to my other two dogs last night, things went relatively well. She's slept through the evenings with a minimal amount of wining which is great. She's probably the best Anita Rinaldi pup I've had, very bold and nothing Kennel Buckwheat bothers her.

I think she's going to be a great dog. Rick, my apologies, I never thanked you for driving from Maine to drop her off at Lloyd's place. It was greatly appreciated. I'll provide updates frequently on how she progresses. Regards Steve. I have always owned English Pointers. This is my first Setter.

We named the pup Tilley. I was able to hunt her every Thursday thru Saturday for all October and November on grouse and woodcock up here in Northern Maine. She is doing fantastic. She was finding and retrieving dead birds on a regular basis and was finding live birds on her own and was starting to hesitate before bumping them Kennel Buckwheat the end of the season.

I am expecting good things from her this fall. She has been the easiest dog I have ever trained. Ergo, the detail Wantan Works Ex my messages so you know his progress. Steady to wing and shot killing birds. Best temperament of any setter I have ever had. Retrieves decently. Good hunting range. Summer heat and vegetation tough so would not hear much from be till fall.

Ted and Garth. Dear Lloyd, On behalf of my family I cannot thank you enough for our new pup Ronan. Every day has been a joy. Even at the young of 12 weeks I'm amazed at his intelligence and eagerness to please. We have received so many compliments Amna Koyim his personality, disposition and confirmation, he is a neighborhood favorite with the kids and gets plenty of attention and love.

He is strong and smart and shows willingness to please every time out. This pup Kennel Buckwheat it all, class, brains and brawn. Kennel Buckwheat sure he'll live up to his dad and moms reputation.

Thank you for your dedication as a breeder and thank you for all your help. The Hing Svenska community owes you a debt of gratitude for the fine dogs you are producing.

I'm proud to own a dog out of Long Gone Kennels. Best, Tim Geary Ch. Long Gone Buckwheat Ex. Lloyd, thought you might appreciate Kennel Buckwheat picture of Bella pointing a pheasant wing for fun. Today she smelled her first woodcock after bumping one during a walk. Hope springs eternal.

Sincerely, David and Tupper Dorsey Kennel Buckwheat Lloyd ,wanted to give you an update on Ace. His enthusiasm for even these tweety birds is unreal. I have never worked with a dog that is doing what he's doing at 14 weeks.

We haven't found any flight conditioned quail yet but can't wait to get him some. These pics are from tweety birds around the house His points are probably by sight alone considering these birds don't have much smell but that's all he wants to do when he's out is chase birds around the yard. Ash Hollywood Female Worship was wondering how to get him involved in the futurity trials I believe he would do outstanding if not place highly.

Thanks Shane muse. Here's a picture of my pup, Rick's Waltzing Matilda-"Tilley". The first week I had her she pointed a brood of 6 grouse! At 8 weeks!! Since October 3rd she has pointed, not bumped, put pointed- grouse and woodcock out of flushes!

She's not yet 6 months old. What a pup!! I'd be happy to talk to anyone about the dog, just don't ask me where I've found Just Cause 3 Nude many birds.

Lloyd I thought you'd enjoy Kennel Buckwheat shot of 3 Long Gone Buckwheat dogs pumping iron from the roading harness! I am very happy with how they have come along, Kennel Buckwheat took my time extensively with Kennel Buckwheat and killed a truckload of birds for each and they are right where I need them for derby stakes this fall. Race took first in a 20 dog puppy stake at Dubois. Your boy Buckwheat seems to have sired some nice young dogs. We named her Daisy and she has been great so far.

She even won a puppy stake. I do like seeing the blue ribbon. Hello, Just wanted to write you a quick note. I have a 13 Kennel Buckwheat old pup out of Texas Redhot and Long Gone Buckwheat, this is my first upland dog and all I can say is wow! The instincts this pup has are unreal, loves getting in to cover, not afraid of anything and points like a champ.

I Kennel Buckwheat her out with a training group the other day and she was scenting and pointing planted pigeons with no problem, and held her point. She was doing better than Wiemeraners that were five months old.

I just wanted to say Thank you for producing such remarkable dogs, I feel truly fortunate to own one. Regards, Patrick Blain London, Ontario.

I hope this find you well and you are having a great season. We have had our way with the woodcock. Avery tre has been nothing less than amazing. We have shot well over twenty birds over him this season. The woodcock have been plenty but the grouse far and few between. To date we have only shot 5 over him. He has had at least 15 finds and points.

But, we are just not seeing the number I anticipated. I hope your coverts are doing better than mine. We are off the The North East Kingdom for the weekend. Everyone that hunts with me and Avery is very impressed with Avery. I always tell them about you and your kennel.

Mark T. My wife gave me for Christmas your grouse hunting CD - I want to thank you 3d Sex Clips something worth watching - great job -for a long time grouse and woodcock hunter, I had my first setter in - raised and trained setters and shorthairs for over 30 years - Human Milking Machine recognize some faces in your tape I haven't seen in many years, the last time Kennel Buckwheat saw Lloyd he was a young man - one of my old dear friends I know would feel the same Bernie Mortellaro - a caveman to the computer and thanks to my grandchildren I can now watch your show - good luck, Sincerely, Al Juliano.

Hi Lloyd, George Hodgson called me yesterday and said I could get one of his male puppies. I saw a pic of Bea and she is big and beautiful just like you said. I love the breeding, lots of your best dogs in there.

Kennel Buckwheat

Kennel Buckwheat

Click to enlarge. Long Gone Buckwheat will be bred to select bitches.

Kennel Buckwheat

Great victories for our kennel at Terrier Specialty in Tånga Hed, West Sweden, on May 6! Ch Windisle Inycon, Casper, becomes BOB and Buckwheat Helga Hufflepuff, Trulsa, second best bitch with her first CC/Cac! Windisle Inycon BOB by Walter Jungblut, Germany Buckwheat Helga Hufflepuff, 2nd .

Kennel Buckwheat

Kennel Buckwheat

Kennel Buckwheat

Ch Lakkas Papaver: Ch Danterri Wheaten Man About Town: Ch Lenter Wheaten Bali Tiger: Ch Danterri Wheaten Grainne: Ch Lakkas Esmeralda: Ch Doubloon Hobgoblin.

Jady stole my sun chair, or maybe it is actually hers? Casper by the beach Last week of holidays, isn't it moody? When one actually just should be happy having had such a lovely time down in south Sweden with all ten dogs! It has continued to be very hot and one day we took Casper, Jady and Penny to the beach. He greeted his little ones friendly and of course there were loads of pictures taken!