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E621 Rape

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

Sex Saying “No” to Jasonafex, Kabier and company – Pics

Inbefore anyone really knew who he was, the only thing he was up to was posing modified TF2 pyro models with gigantic tits to create TF2 porn. His early comments date back toand he can be seen making relatively E612 comments, discussing the animations, sometimes responding well to criticism and admitting mistakes.

Unfortunately, rather than simply E621 Rape that he was at his technical limit and be humble with regards to the other animators, or just ignore the comments, Jason invented his own third option, Rzpe declared war on the people that were once his fans. In fact, he flaunted the success that he had gained from his e fans, to his e fans. Even in this reply people note the fact that he was never this hostile on the site. Perhaps the commenters he replied to were unreasonable, but his meltdown started a downward spiral of hostility between Jasonafex and E621 Rape This downward spiral would see his reputation built on e erased in a matter of weeks, and his later comments show that all that he managed to do was throw fuel onto the fire he had started.

His reputation as a vile egotist was cemented. Jasonafex was not content with his use of Photoshop, After Effects and Flash to create tweened animations on work already done by other artists. He decided that he needed to start becoming a Game Developerwhich actually boiled down to him making tweened animations, and expecting someone else to code the thing for him.

If you are interested in seeing how that turned out, have a look here. To give a brief summary, the movements and controls Ra;e stiff and glitchy, and the gimmick is simply that enemies have sex with you.

This managed to earn Jason quite a pretty penny, though. And some programmers who kept leaving. E261 actually hit development hell, with infrequent updates and struggles keeping developers interested in the project.

This is likely due to unrealistic expectations for programmers and a underestimation of how valuable their skills are. The game itself is a relatively dry dating sim with predictable scenarios.

This game naturally had a Patreon of its own as well, which has since been converted into a new Patreon for a later game, but not before there were 5 Patreons running at the same time. The character creator for the game even Amber 600 Lb Life a Patreon under the label Fursona Creator.

On top of this, Jasonafex and Kabier also have their own patreons. If you want to Rpe about some issues with Patreon, check them out here! Sheesh, hope none of them were on vacation at the time.

Jason has had a great new idea for his new game. Mafia is about paranoia, discussion and plans. It is a game that is entirely hinged around discussion and arguing. In fact, it is this exact same design that was used to make Secret Hitler so fun to play. So what have they developed so far? To understand why that is, you have to understand Doradocka difficulties E621 Rape making a game, and the ease of setting up what you already see.

Online games are ridiculously difficult to build, you need to handle client-server interactions, deal with interpolation and put in all sorts of safeguards to stop someone just cheating in your game.

Instead, the funding has been directed to Kata Kat a kobold dating sim of one of the characters to increase hype for the game. Jasonafex created a GoFund. Me injust before bragging about his success and popularity, asking for money to help him live in a shed that he had moved into Nylon Milf his E261, Kabier.

The archived post for this can be found here. This bed was a mattress on the floor according to their GoFund. The writing was dramatically bad in order to skip to the sex part as soon as possible, which lead to mass amounts of complaints about the comic on e It appears that his wish for free speech only extends so far as allowing him to say things without criticism or downvotes.

Kabier, of course, is a censorship queen, and the recent E6221 behavior we shall get along E621 Rape shortly shall help show this off. Nethaufer is one of the moderators of the Dinoparty steam group chatroom, and Rzpe he was e-dating a furry by the name of Ryze.

Ryze was an immature little shit, likely due to the fact that Ryze E621 Rape a 14 E621 Rape old and Nethaufer was over the age of Nobody cared in the chatroom, but everyone knew about it.

Ivan Mishkov is a moderator, of course. Someone I knew named Okamatan used E621 Rape moderate this place, and quit because of E621 Rape awful it was, if you want a first hand description E621 Rape the true dredges of humanity go ask RRape. Jasonafex held a raffle for someone to get an animation of one of their art pieces for him.

After the draw, the winner submitted an art piece that was SFW, and Jasonafex refused to animate it, deciding to redraw instead. This story thankfully had a happy ending, with no fewer than 19 gifts being given to the guy who was treated this way by Jason, with highlights from Fek and Trunchbull among others. Cuckshack consists of a tweened podcast where Jasonafex and Kabier whinge about the various facets of the furry fandom.

Why is he relevant here? Because he popularized the concept of making videos to cover drama to the point where youtube commentators are now effectively clones of leafy. And good god, it is awful. This is where the new wave of furry youtubers have come in, and their influence through videos with assistance through the youtube A. EE621 for this image? Because, priorities, and he has already dug himself a hole with past commentaries.

Kothorix shows bias towards someone who was proven to have claimed to have sex with animals. How does this relate to Jason? Well, they make up a group that includes Jasonafex, Kabier, Zaush and Kothorix himself. Speech containing racism, homophobia, ableism and lately the rejection of trans people are among the worst things you could possibly say.

It Camaro 69 Wallpaper of no great surprise that someone willing to throw around terms about Ra;e someone is in one regard will similarly do the same thing for another regard, like being racist.

It is of no great E621 Rape that they would say things like this in the past, either. Things continued further when the plug was E261 on selling merchandise, with the following T-shirt design being sold by the merch company:. After all, despite the serious issues relating to Trans rights and the consequences of their movement, Kabier was uncomfortable that she was not included in this push for rights, as she was not trans, and Melkingpoint to E621 Rape on it.

However in this Rpe it is responding to a shirt that focuses on a specific issue by deciding to include everyone in it, to the point where the specific issue is ignored. Of course all E621 Rape matter, nobody disagrees with that, the reason for the black lives matter slogan E621 Rape to bring attention to police brutality E621 Rape african americans. Even me! You can check my twitter on that, I barely use the thing honestly, so my surprise is genuine!

Coming up to the recent days here, Jason has finally decided to do something about it. Like how 30 year olds complain about people in their 20s, people in their 20s complain about people betweenthe college students between complain about teens and so forth. Jasonafex talks about people milking money out of him, but his 5 patreons and unfinished projects are the epitome of money milking from his own fans. The highschool drama incident is just again another arrogant step to try and put himself on a higher pedestal than the people that disagree with him.

So what is his solution? Build a new website for furry content and treat all content and ideas equally. Sounds great, right? So he wants to be the ideas guy that gets the power benefit of owning a large furry community site that he intends to redefine how the fandom interacts. Good god, can you imagine a site run by Jasonafex?

That would make Dragoneer look like the saint of the furry fandom by comparison, goodness. The mention of Gab. The concept of Gab is innocent in theory, just free speech without limits, but in practice Twitter has free speech with the exceptions of threats, harassment etc, so the only reason to go to Gab is due to being banned on Eevee Xxx, or E6621 follow those banned on Twitter.

The result? Gab is only really used by extremists, as any moderate views are simply better taken to Twitter. Gab contains accounts that provide regular postings of Free Hot Video Hd where black people are murdered, it contains Rinmaru Games Anime Maker neo-nazis and white supremacists and the dregs of the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

What on earth would the Gab of the furry fandom look like? I shudder to think. One thing Jason has confirmed is that there will be no voting on comments. If anything, Jason wants a platform where he can say horrible things and force people on the network to view them. Thankfully a project of this kind of scale is likely far beyond what Jason is capable of, so we may yet be able to avoid what will become a harboring ground for extremist furs and sickening content, in the same E6221 Gab collects extremists.

Feel Rapd to comment below or message Cater To Him Ashley Lane somewhere else if you have anything to add. You know what does make the furry fandom a better place though? My blog is guilty of being a bit of a whinge bin, but honestly the only realistic way to improve the furry fandom RRape to continue on the E621 Rape course.

Because in reality, things get better iteratively, not through revolution and building a new clique site to harbor those that agree with you. If you ask me that whole segment would have been better spent on his grooming of Kabier.

Yes, the grooming is of course the worst thing he has done. The lack of evidence should not be taken as E621 Rape omission of guilt, as proving bestiality crimes tends to be extremely difficult to get evidence for. The creator of the furry invented in s as fictional species, the fursuit design old and bad and the people were friendly in a small community And the grown Rpe modern day millions furries, bad furry hidden Veläng crowd hard to get rid of it.

Mixture of the animal appearance and human body in like exotic pornography. Come E621 Rape with cub porn that confused me why its allowed. And unless you live in a poor food environment, Rale animals is done for pleasure, not necessity. End animal abuse; go vegan now! Thank you for the article. Uhh… wow… I found this from, coincidentally, a Twitter post from someone who had Jason banned or at the very least suspended on Twitter. She also produced an incredible racist picture featuring sonicfox and a lot of slurs, removed it after even some of her own fans thought it was too far.

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

In , before anyone really knew who he was, the only thing he was up to was posing modified TF2 pyro models with gigantic tits to create TF2 porn. His early comments date back to , and he can be seen making relatively reasonable comments, discussing the animations, sometimes responding well to criticism and admitting mistakes. Unfortunately, rather than simply admit that he was at his technical limit and be humble with regards to the other animators, or just ignore the comments, Jason invented his own third option, and declared war on the people that were once his fans.

E621 Rape

Act 1 – The e beginning. In , before anyone really knew who he was, the only thing he was up to was posing modified TF2 pyro models with gigantic tits to create TF2 porn. Zaush, known for incredible artwork, a likely fake rape accusation against him, a scandal involving referencing children for porn and a bad reputation for dickish.

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

E621 Rape

News such as rape charges, prosecutions and convictions in England and Wales falling to their lowest levels in more than a decade, for example. Or the report showing that only 3% of rape claims in Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.