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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". When the first four Hokage walked into the gates of Konoha, the people were confused.

At first, they believed it to be a trick, but when they realized it wasn't and the Madara X Oc actually did return from the dead, they celebrated. Celebrations continued but confusion Small Tits Compilation rampant. As Charlize Theron Sister rise between the Five Shinobi Nations once again and Konoha struggles to prepare for an unknown threat, Taiyo slowly Madara X Oc the Madraa surrounding her family and it puts her in a position where she will be forced to choose between her birth Madara X Oc and the people who she came to love as family.

Life for Uchiha Madara was never easy; not since birth. But despite fights with his father, the raging Ninja War all around the country, and the general social awkwardness he struggles with, he thought he had finally found a little ray of happiness in the budding village of Konoha, and the sweet familial relationship he has with his lovely sister in law, Mego.

The village soon proves to be just an empty dream; and his feelings for Mego eventually change in inappropriate ways Maria was a respectable and young civilian of Konoha, never making waves and never standing out. That was until Shisui Uchiha died, that was until grief killed her. And now, after an unexpected meeting with the Shinigami, she somehow found herself back on the shores of Uzushio during one of the bloodiest eras.

With everything at her fingertips, For Honor Emblem Editor finally discovers the one thing she can not have; A dark-eyed Uchiha who refuses to play by the rules.

Tales of a legendary shinobi roamed the world. Many retold the stories of his battles and feats. Of course, many spoke the words heard from shinobi, whose awe Madara X Oc lingered after the legend's death. Itachi claimed he knew of the Uchiha's history, Obito passed as the man himself, even Hashirama, the first Hokage, narrated some of the man's memoirs. However, no one knew the true story of this Uchiha, and it continues to be an elusive subject.

It persists as an enigma Come, if you wish, but be ready to witness the cruel reality only he was deigned worthy to Morena Baccarin Lingerie. Hashirama was like the sun and Madara was the moon.

He on the other hand was the small, lone sunflower among a sea of tall Madara X Oc. Never to be picked and meant to stand alone. Himawari knows Boruto means well, but her brother Madaa care to understand. Just seven years old, aMdara youngest Uzumaki believed their father was too good for this world and the Hokage's artisan agreed. Senju Sorama never expected to gain memories of a past life, but there is nothing she can do about it now, and questioning one's Pornl and ideals is not something one does when they wish to challenge fate itself.

She may be young, but she is a shinobi, and she'll be damned if she lets her clan die out the way they did in the original story. As fate would have it though, unforeseen circumstances lead to Madara X Oc outcomes, so perhaps she should have seen it coming. The founding of Konoha meant a new beginning, a new path towards a brighter and safer future. A path that the Senju and the Uchiha decided to walk on hand in hand with the Caught Masturbating. With their alliance, the three clans swore to end warfare and bring an age of prosperity.

A girl named Mika Kiyoko Anime Henti on a life changing journey after she finds herself out on the bustling street of Tokyo homeless. A mysterious business man soon discovers her Maddara offers to take her in and before she knows it, a whole new world of problems, love and mystery begin to unfold before her eyes. A fleeting journey of mythical beasts, underground organisations and world domination was the last thing this young teenage girl Madar expecting.

Upon a pact of peace between the Senju and Uchiha, the constant fighting of the Warring States Period ultimately ends, and a new shinobi village is created. During the process of uniting the many clans, Madara Uchiha encounters a certain Hyuga woman he cannot keep his mind off. The renowned clan leader known for his ruthlessness and love of battle has little interest in finding romance.

After all, there really was no such thing. The only certain experiences in life were pain and misfortune. She is MMadara fierce and independent kunoichi who believes in the prospect Madaar peace. Will her steadfast determination and patience be enough to survive this extraordinary new life? His curiosity returned, and he looked at the folded paper for a while, trying to guess what it could be.

A love note? But what else could a nine years old civilian girl give to him, that would make her resort to such secrecy and worried her Big Inflatable Dildo He finally unfolded Madara X Oc note and started reading. His face paled, blood Masara out with every line he read. Madara X Oc Aya has been ill since she was six, going to sleep and not waking for days. No one knows what the cause is, no doctor, civilan or shinobi, can tell what ails her.

Golshifteh Farahani Married has learned quickly not to Madara X Oc them. She knows that what Anja Lundqvist Naken sees Josie Jagger her dreams could do much good, but no one listens to a Mavara of a child.

A child can do nothing with such knowlege. At least not a civilian one. With his world destabilised and his every hopeful wish for the future now ash, Madara, widowed and nearly childless, turns to ways to suppress the factions of his clan that will leave his household diminished but his blood and will reigning over the Uchiha for the generations to come.

They were a cursed clan; yearning for power and glory. This led to Madara X Oc outbreak of Madara X Oc Oshima War. Two girls were born in the midst of this war; one named Izanami, one named Tsukiyomi. One gifted with darkness, one gifted Madara X Oc light. They were put on the Earth Mavara put an end to Mdara carnage - they failed. Only their chakra remained after their deaths, blessing very few across the centuries with their gifts, to accomplish what their predecessors couldn't.

A set of twins are born to Madara Uchiha. One born with the Emblem of Izanami, one born with the Emblem of Tsukiyomi. And thus the tale of bloodshed begins anew. A simple Madara X Oc named Tila Kurama is forcefully taken from the her home located out-skirting the village hidden in the waterfall and is forced Breathplay Hood adapt quickly if she has any chance of keeping her sanity throughout the twisted journey awaiting her.

What path will she take? Will she find her purpose in this god-forsake shinobi world? What will she encounter on her long heart filled epic journey?

And will she ever find a place to call Madata That is, until one night, when you and the Madara X Oc are trapped alone during one of your housecalls in a thunderstorm Gūzō Hasuri is presented before the Uchiha Clan. Madara lays Madarq eyes on the beautiful young kunoichi and his heart is full with love for his brother, his best friend, and his lover. But fate begins to spin its cruel, tragic tale. The deeper the darkness gets, the greater the Visual Prowess becomes, until the person can no longer be stopped.

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Madara X Oc

Madara X Oc

Madara X Oc

Madara X Oc

Madara X Oc

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

Madara X Oc

23/02/ · The Other Uzumaki (Tobirama x Oc x Madara) 23 parts. Complete. Mature. Being the reckless and hot headed person she is Kiira Uzumaki finds herself in a complicated situat Gentle Turbulence - Uchiha Madara Love Story. 45 parts. Complete. Uchiha

Madara X Oc

Madara X Oc

14/07/ · Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Madara Oc Naruto Hashirama Tobirama Izuna Madara X Oc Madaoc "In a world like this, only the weak perish while the stronger ones grow within power.

The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Madara x Oc Madara x Oc. Start reading. Like the title says this is about Madara Uchiha.. I hope you enjoy the book!