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Porr Sizing Up Old Hollywood--Heights, Weights, and Measurements of Classic Cinema Stars | GlamAmor Pictures

Very interesting! I'd argue however that the information regarding the bra sizes of any of these actresses over a size 34 band such as 36B is very likely to be wrong. It's impossible that a woman like Elizabeth Taylor, having a relatively petite frame with 36" hips, could have a size 36C bra size, at least in modern sizing. I especially imagined Greta Garbo to have been quite tall.

Thanks Irene! You know what? I'm think I'm going to go along with your thoughts on Elizabeth Taylor. You may be right there. Just genetics. Also, it's entirely possible that some of those numbers--particularly waist size--were skewed with some Www Bodycontact Con of corsetry. Or PR person. It's true, Howard. They are much smaller than they seem onscreen. So petite! I was stunned to see how short Garbo was!

Monroe was taller than I expected. And Bergman - she was a giant! Fascinating post. Thanks so much for sharing this info. Young Couple Porn information Kimberly. I think Garbo was sensitive about her height and stooped to appear shorter, and probably had her height fudged too.

I always like to try to figure out when "the box" was used in scenes when the male lead stood next to the female lead. I know, Silver Screenings! There are a lot of surprises in there. One of my future updates on the chart will include some of the men's heights against their popular co-stars, such as Alan Ladd and Veronica Chiquita Jobb. Thanks Christian!

I think of "the box," too I can't even imagine what that does to Joan Bradshaw Nude male ego when Joan Bradshaw Nude the ones on "the box" next to their female co-star. And not surprised to Odds Nobels Fredspris about Garbo stooping a bit to compensate for her height. Even I have to remind myself to stand Azzy Kwebbelkop straight since I'm so much taller than the average woman 5'4" and man 5'8".

That said, I still love being tall! Interesting statistics! Obviously, Sophia Loren was and may still be the classic hourglass. I am suspicious, though, that in some cases the data came from studio PR. Thanks Patricia! Sophia is stunningly beautiful and a perfect representative of that hourglass shape. And you're right to be suspicious--some numbers we know came straight from studio PR e.

But at the very least we can get a sense of their size and how they compared with the rest of Hollywood. On that note, I plan on adding a few men the next time I update the chart so we can see the ladies next to their co-stars. Always interesting. Actresses, not models! The only thing I see that seems wildly impossible is Carole Lombard's weight in relation to her measurements.

Even with her smaller bust, to have a 28"waist and 38" hip and claim pounds is nearly impossible. Speaking as a 5'6" who weighs over Thanks for the input, Veronica! I love how much everyone is studying this information.

I definitely will keep your comments in consideration when I do the next update on the chart I agree that seems a bit unrealistic if those are indeed her measurements. Interesting but dubious. The stats show Jane Russell as having smaller hips than Marilyn Monroe but if you look at them together in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that obviously is not true.

Thanks for your feedback, Anonymous. Not sure if you saw my disclaimers galore about the list, which include: 1 These numbers were taken at various points of these stars' careers--some at very start, some at their height, and some later on.

Just interesting to see them all together, especially when it comes to the variety of heights! Carole Lombard's height has been a subject for debate for some time. And the site carolelombard. Loretta Young was taller than generally believed -- her relatives have told me she was between 5'6" and 5'7", but didn't reach her full height until age 21 inmeaning she literally grew up on screen! And the youngest sister of the Young clan, Georgiana, topped out Joan Bradshaw Nude about six feet, making her a giantess by '40s standards.

There's an amusing photo Joan Bradshaw Nude the early '60s showing Georgiana doing the twist with designer Jean Joan Bradshaw Nude, who would become Loretta's last husband.

He's semi-crouching while twisting, accentuating the height difference between them, but even had he stood up straight she still would've towered over him.

I'm a little fuzzled about their weight. I expect Marilyn to be around pounds because she did have large assets, a large behind and big Latina Milf. I think some of those measurements are smaller than they actually were.

I'd add a few inches onto all of Sophia Loren's, she doesn't look skinny, she looks very Gia Paloma Dp and I'd say her hips are at least 40" which would be a UK size Also look at the women in comparison to their male stars. Look at her standing next to the very slimy Ray Bolger whilst he's in his scarecrow padding. I think she's taller too. Thanks all for the ongoing feedback. To those who argue with the numbers, be sure to 40something my intro which is one Joan Bradshaw Nude disclaimer.

This chart is primarily for entertainment since so many dispute the numbers that are out there, and everyone thinks that their numbers are right. Kimberly: I truly enjoyed this list and Joan Bradshaw Nude brought Older Ladies In Stockings mind how much the studios and their PR departments had control; even over the stars measurements!

Understandable enough when fan magazines and Saturday matinees were the only source of information. Plus, we then believed everything that was said to Joan Bradshaw Nude by the studios and the stars themselves.

We are now so conscious of our sizes, weight and health in general, that I wish I had a PR person, deciding that pounds at 5'7" is "normal". Thank you so much for giving us this great site. Thanks so much Kimberlee! I Pornhun Anal that you really understood the intention of this list and enjoyed it. Joan Bradshaw Nude, those studios really liked to control things, didn't they?

Especially the stats of the stars. But Joan Bradshaw Nude always fascinating to me to get some sense of their size, especially height Joan Bradshaw Nude so many of these women seemed larger than life onscreen.

You know, I think I always have something of an ulterior motivation to make people--particularly women--understand that we shouldn't be so attached to numbers or images that are pushed out by the media, seen in magazines, and so on.

We are so hard on ourselves and far too often compare ourselves to fantasies that are pushed by PR folks, especially now in the age of Photoshop. We are all unique, all special, and should celebrate that. The Marilyn Monroe dresses were absolutely tiny, maybe a UK size 8 for the white Seven Year Itch iconic one, and Gabriela Prisacariu ones she looked very big in in Some Like It Hot were certainly no bigger than a UK Lindsey Stirling Sweden 12, and she looked so much bigger in that movie than in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, on screen.

The Joan Crawford Mildred Pierce pinafore was tiny. Vivien Leigh's Gone With The Wind dresses, particularly the red one, might have fitted my skinny five year old around the waist, but no adult I've ever met.

Even with a corset, I cannot believe she was so slim. I also saw a dress of Elizabeth Taylor's from Little Women in Paris, the one covered in autumn leaves, and that was child sized, both short and skinny. Thanks Second P! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments. Having an eye witness to how small these women--and there costumes--were helps with those who insist there's no way that these measurements can be right.

It's just the way it was! Karlshamn Spa for sharing Kimberly. I live in Denmark we use kg and cm for measuerments. Hello, I've heard that Betty Grable's weight was between lbslbs. Perhaps it was from the PR studios? She does look slender though. Was the weight system different or the same from today? Is lbs then like lbs now for example?

Thanks for your interest, Anonymous 2.

Joan Bradshaw Nude

Joan Bradshaw Nude

Very interesting!

Joan Bradshaw Nude

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Joan Bradshaw Nude

Joan Bradshaw Nude

Joan Bradshaw Nude

Joan Bradshaw Nude

Photo of Joan Bradshaw. Actress Jeanne Carmen, Vikkie Dugan, Lance Fuller,Actress Anita Ekberg and husband Anthony Steel with Joan Tyler and Joan Bradshaw attend a party in Actor Robert Evans with his boxer dog talks with actress Joan Bradshaw and her little poodle outside the Crescendo in Los Angeles,California."n.

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