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GirlsDoPorn was a pornographic website active from towhen six people involved were charged on counts of sex trafficking by force, fraudand coercion in November Pornography produced by the company—which was based in San DiegoCalifornia —was in the style of Girlsdopormn " casting couch ", featuring women who were not professional pornographic actors. Lawsuits and other testimony describe alleged practices by GirlsDoPorn in detail. All plaintiffs said that they were given verbal promises that the videos would never be released on the internet or in the United States, instead being told the videos would be put on DVDs and sold only Girlsdopormn private buyers or independent video stores in AustraliaNew Zealandor South America.

GirlsDoPorn was a pornography website owned by Michael Pratt bornNew Zealandwho also worked as Hot Asian Girl Riding cameraman and editor.

Matthew Wolfe born orNew Zealand served as co-owner and cameraman. The website was launched in Pratt began working in the pornographic industry around the yearafter graduating high school. He initially launched the affiliate porn websites Wicked Sylvanas Vanilla Model, Kute Kittens, and TeenieFlixxx, the last an affiliate of the existing website ExploitedTeens, all of which produced pornography in the same style that GirlsDoPorn later would.

Girlsdopormn andWiederhold worked with Pratt, the two filming videos of Wiederhold having sex in hotel rooms with women who were not in the porn industry. These videos formed the basis of the videos first released by GirlsDoPorn. Wolfe was involved with Pratt's work from onwards. GirlsDoPorn was active during a period of growing consumption of " casting couch " internet pornography. Over a dozen U. The Sydney Morning Herald reported in that GT Group Limited was founded by Girlsdopormn man associated with arms-smuggling, drug gangs, and tax fraud.

The company received tabloid attention in and when it was reported that two beauty pageant models for Miss Teen USA were the subjects of videos on the website; as a consequence of this being made public, the models ceased connection with the beauty pageants. In Octoberin a court testimony, Wolfe said that GirlsDoPorn continued to recruit new women, whose contracts did not mention the name of the website. In addition to being released on GirlsDoPorn.

A lawsuit was Girlsdopormn in December against MindGeek, which owns Pornhub, for its partnership with GirlsDoPorn and alleged continual hosting of GirlsDoPorn videos up to Decemberafter repeated requests for removal by subjects. Reddit removed the subreddit shortly afterwards. The forum had approximately Girlsdopormn, accounts subscribed to it at the time of its closure.

Details of alleged practices by the company have been documented in lawsuits, mainstream media and court testimonies by employees of the company. One attorney pursuing legal actions reported that he and his co-counsel communicated with women who said that they were misled during their experience filming videos for GirlsDoPorn. Six further women who were not part of the lawsuit Gratis Bilder Midsommar NBC 7 San Diego journalists in that they had similar experiences.

Pratt, Wolfe, and Garcia often used aliases when dealing with the girls they recruited and never revealed their real names. Pratt would use names such as "Mike" and "Mark". According to one such person, reference girls were hired to lie to the women and conceal information in order to convince them to agree to the job.

Once in San Diego, Girlsdopormn were met by employees who had signed non-disclosure agreements forbidding them from mentioning the name GirlsDoPorn. They were allegedly instructed to call the company Plus One Media, [1] or deny that the videos produced would be published online. Women in the lawsuit were hurried to sign contracts written in hard-to-understand legal terminology, sometimes being told the contracts were needed for tax purposes.

The contracts involving the 22 plaintiffs also did not mention "GirlsDoPorn" anywhere in the entire document, as per court records. Filming lasted up to seven hours, [13] in contrast to the thirty-minute shoot that the women were told to expect. The United States Department of Justice reported that "some [of the women] were sexually assaulted and in at least one case raped".

Another frequently used tactic was to cut pay after the scene was shot by citing body flaws even though the models had sent nude photos clearly showing whatever blemishes and tattoos they had.

Videos were published online around a month after recording. Court documents indicate that responses to complaints varied from claims that the employee would attempt to remove the video to referral to Panakos Law, which would send cease-and-desist requests to the complainant. The names of hundreds of women who filmed videos for GirlsDoPorn were published on Porn Wikileaksa website specifically Girlsdopormn up to dox porn actors. Women involved in filming reported that their family, Girlsdopormn, and colleagues were sent text messages with links to videos or GIFs of them having sex when the videos they made were published online.

The incidents led to women involved losing jobs or accommodation and leaving college or being disowned by family. He awaits trial as of December Analysis proved Pratt and Wolfe were the true owners and not an offshore entity linked to the Panama Papers in Vanuatu. Six months later, the lawsuit had 14 plaintiffs; within a year, the number was The plaintiffs testified on how the release of the videos adversely affected their college life, career plans and plans for having a family.

An initial trial date was set for March 8,[13] but the trial was set back by several different delays. The same day, Pratt filed for bankruptcy, and the case was put on hold. Kevin Enright served as the judge. Gyi had acted as videographer. She had also testified on the plaintiffs' behalf in the trial. Amberlyn had acted as a fake reference girl on Girlsdopormn behalf. She had never shot Arab Yell pornographic video for GirlsDoPorn or any other production.

Pratt alone has been charged with producing child pornography of a year-old girl in and of sex trafficking of a minor. The crimes are alleged to have happened in OctoberJanuaryMayJanuaryand February There are multiple reported cases of attempted disruption or obstruction during the trial. Attorney Holm was harassed throughout the legal process, with fake gay porn images of him spread, and one woman testifying that she was paid to make repeated harassing phone calls to him by a GirlsDoPorn employee.

The complaint states that they tried to remove and destroy evidence related to the federal sex trafficking in October Fredrick Jimenez was an ex-employee of GirlsDoPorn. Prosecutors also collated evidence of Girlsdopormn harassment: [46] a U. In DecemberGarcia pled guilty to federal charges of sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion. His sentence is scheduled for March He will also be on supervised release for 10 years following the end of his custodial term. He lied to performers that their videos would not be posted on the internet.

He is due to be sentenced in April. In the injunction, the court ordered GirlsDoPorn to clearly state in bold and centered at the top of the first page of their model agreement that the video was going to be published on GirlsDoPorn.

The verbal release must also show the model clearly stating the name of the website. On December 16,40 women involved with GirlsDoPorn filed a lawsuit against MindGeek —a company that owns Pornhub, Tube8 and other pornography Girlsdopormn damages including distress, ostracization, trauma and attempted suicide.

The lawsuit claims that MindGeek knew about the company's sex trafficking as early as and definitely by fallbut continued to partner with GirlsDoPorn until the company became defunct. The lawsuit also alleges that MindGeek failed to remove GirlsDoPorn videos despite requests for removal by victims, as recently as December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pornographic website. San Diego. United States. Retrieved May 2, January 16, Ars Technica. Retrieved July 8, Court Listener.

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GirlsDoPorn was a pornographic website active from to , when six people involved were charged on counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud , and coercion in November Pornography produced by the company—which was based in San Diego , California —was in the style of a " casting couch ", featuring women who were not professional pornographic actors. Lawsuits and other testimony describe alleged practices by GirlsDoPorn in detail.


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If you enjoy watching GirlsDoPorn porn scenes, this is the place to be! Sign up Log in Language. Upload Video Photos. GirlsDoPorn Content quality:. GirlsDoPorn was a pornographic website active from to , when six people involved were charged on counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion in November