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Sex Naruto: 5 Ways Gaara is a Great Villain (& 5 Reasons He's A Real Hero) Pics

One of these reasons is the theme of redemption and giving a second chance to those that need it, and Naruto Gaaara made many friends out of former enemies. He helped convince Zabuza to turn on Gaaa wicked employer, and other characters like GaaraNeji and Tsunade were also won over to Naruto's side Tsunade wasn't actually a villain, though. In Gaara's case, he had every reason to be a chilling villain, but Naruto won him Gaara Wife during the battle for the Leaf Village, and Gaara became a vital ally Gaara Wife the Leaf Village, as well as Kazekage.

In many ways, this is for the best, but in some ways, Gaara would also be a neat villain. Let's review.

The Hidden Sand Village isn't quite as hospitable as the Leaf Village, since it's situated in a desert and has relatively few resources. Some of its recent leaders were cruel people indeed, and this is also the home of the terrifying Sasori of the Red Sand. The Sand Village aided in Orochimaru 's plan to destroy the Leaf Village, but Gaara turned his back on this effort after a point, and become a compassionate and benevolent Kazekage.

That is truly what this village and its people needed after so much war and hardship. He didn't have an Iruka figure to help him; he was feared and hated by absolutely everyone, and this drove his loneliness and despair. That, in turn, fueled his power and made him a highly driven and tragic young villain when he Gaara Wife appeared. It was fascinating, and if he remained evil, viewers could see the true depths of his despair and agony.

It Wie sustain him as a villain for years to come. A Gaara Wife is the human host of a tailed beast, and there are nine of them when the story starts. These people often have it rough, and they are defined by the Wkfe that they bear.

Gaara and Naruto knew nothing but suffering as jinchuriki. However, Naruto's stubborn optimism showed a ray of hope for these people, and since Gaara turned to the light, he repeated that lesson with great emphasis.

If someone as "lost" as him could turn things around, then surely other jinchuriki and similarly Gaara Wife people could, too. A good villain is a powerful one, and Gaara is indeed quite powerful. If Gaara remained villainous, he could pose a real threat to Naruto and his allies, especially since he gained experience from fighting them and therefore knows their fighting styles and weaknesses.

That's an enemy that Squad 7 and the other Leaf ninjas would have to take very seriously. Gaara's capture at the hands of Deidara and Sasori is what launched the Shippuden part of the story, Sex Video Xnnx since Gaara was a valued ally of the Leaf Village, Naruto and his friends including Sakura and Kakashi Gaara Wife to rescue him.

Put simply, this was a thrilling and emotional part of the story, and none of it would have happened if Gaara was still a villain. He'd either be a rogue and difficult for the Akatsuki to findor there would be no rescue mission, since he Gratis Svart Porr be a Gaara Wife of Naruto's.

This ties into the earlier points about Gaara being a cool villain. His isolation and bitterness fueled his anger and combat power, and this leads to some personal drama along the lines of "you don't understand me" and "if I'm a monster, I might Gaara Wife well act like it! For a time, Gaara was indeed Wif this, and it was compelling since he was as Gaara Wife a victim as a villain.

Some fans might say that Gaara's dramatic villain role was too short, and maybe it should have extended well into Shippudentoo. When Gaara was turned away from his villainous ways, he not only became the Kazekage, but he also went Gaara Wife to lead an entire army of ninjas, too. The next great shinobi war was on the horizon, and Gaara was nominated as commander-in-chief.

This shows just how far Gaara has come, and he had what it aGara to lead a massive and diverse army Wie the world's best ninjas against Madara Uchiha and his undead hordes. No way would a villainous Gaara end up in that position.

Gaara's sand is an effective tool for defense, and the one-tailed Shukaku's Gaara Wife can move that sand anywhere to keep Gaara safe automatically. But this sand is also effective on offense, and Gaara wields some terrifying jutsu that uses that sand to its full extent.

Should Gaara remain a villain, he can assassinate Leaf Village ninjas with his sand, and do so in creative and unpredictable ways. Sand can go anywhere and flow into any shape, which would lead to some cool and scary assassination scenes. A heroic Gaara wouldn't do that, however. Gaara isn't an only child; although they don't look Emma Watson Sexy Porn like him, Temari Wufe Kankuro are his sister and brother, and once Gaara becomes a noble hero, the three of them grow closer.

Now, the three of them are a proper family, and this is a classic positive lesson of shonen manga. Family is important, as are the ties that bind people by blood or familial love.

As a hero, Gaara can live up to this lesson, Gaara Wife create a happy family at last. This is the one-tailed Shukaku, the fearsome beast that lends Gaara Wire power. This monster emerged during the battle for the Leaf Village, and Wide the power of sand and air to terrifying effect. Left unchecked, it could level entire villages. That would be an awesome villain for sure. Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation sincewhen he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school.

He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. You can reach him at lkemner yahoo. By Louis Kemner Published Jul 19, Share Share Tweet Email Gaara Wife. Related Topics Lists Dynamic Microphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram.

Gaara Wife

Gaara Wife

Gaara Wife

Gaara Wife

Gaara Wife

One of these reasons is the theme of redemption and giving a second chance to those that need it, and Naruto has made many friends out of former enemies. He helped convince Zabuza to turn on his wicked employer, and other characters like Gaara , Neji and Tsunade were also won over to Naruto's side Tsunade wasn't actually a villain, though.

Gaara Wife

20/01/ · Who is Gaara's wife? - Quora. As others have said Gaara remains single, but he had a fake proposal in the past with Hakuto Hoki(Hakuto) in the novel (Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm (At some point, Suna Council Tōjūrō came to Hakuto with a plan to have her wed Fifth Gaara against her will.

Gaara Wife

Gaara Wife

If you're wondering who he had a slightly romantic relationship with, that would be Shijima. Gaara’s romantic experiences are highlighted in the light novel, Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm In the light novel, he's first met with an arranged to a young woman named Hakuto, of which he finds to be very beautiful.

Gaara is probably one of my favorite characters in Naruto, which is funny because I found him seriously creepy when he was first introduced. But once I saw his backstory, I began to root for this character. And once I saw how he was trying to change, thanks to Naruto, I was cheering him on. Another amazing thing about Gaara is just how powerful he is. He has quite the mastery over sand, and his attacks are both brutal and efficient. He also proves to be instrumental in the Fourth Great Ninja War. So how much do you actually know about our favorite sand ninja?