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Crasher Wake Platinum

Crasher Wake Platinum

Crasher Wake Platinum

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Wakd to the north side of town where the two of you will team up against the Crasher Wake Platinum Grunts guarding the entrance to the warehouse. Following the battle, the Grunts will run into the warehouse and the Detective will talk to you.

You'll follow him inside the warehouse, where the Grunts are Crasher Wake Platinum to be seen. However, you can pick up HM02 - Fly. There's not much else to do at the moment, so Mandingo Dick Pic it's time to head to Pastoria City.

Head south out Crasher Wake Platinum Veilstone City onto Route On Crssher ledge just south Somali Porr the north gatehouse, you'll find the entrance to the Ruin Maniac's Cave.

He'll issue a challenge to you - if you can collect all 26 alphabetical Unown, he'll tunnel into Platlnum hidden chamber inside Solaceon Ruins, allowing you to capture the remaining 2 Unown.

You'll also find TM28 Cdasher Dig in this cave. Continue south and you'll reach the lakefront of Lake Valor. The entrance to the lake is currently blocked by two cameramen, and there's not much you can do to move them, so continue south to the lakeside resort, Hotel Grand Lake.

At the hotel, you can find the Crasher Wake Platinum Stars Restaurant, where you can battle several trainers. Head to the back door Crasher Wake Platinum Crzsher hotel reception and use the Dowsing Machine on your Poketch. It should register a hidden item nearby - this is the missing Crasher Wake Platinum.

Return it to the lady and she'll give you a White Flute. The man inside the hotel reception will heal your Pokemon if they're a bit wounded from the battles at the restaurant. Ohterwise the road east is conveniently out because of a power cut in Sunyshore City, so the only way remaining is to head south onto Route The house on the beach is home to Mr.

Footprint, who will award you the Footprint Ribbon if your Pokemon's happiness is maxed out. Just beyond is the entrance to Pastoria City. Pastoria City is home to the Great Marsh, a Safari Zone of sorts where you pay a fee and have a limited amount of time to catch as many Pokemon as you can.

The layout has been changed slightly from Diamond and Pearl, as well Platinuk some aesthetics, and HM05 - Defog has been shifted to Solaceon Ruins. Have a go at catching some Pokemon, Bare Bottom Spanking when you're done, head to the Gym. Your rival will show up and battle you. There have been a few sparse moveset changes to his team, but a marked Crasher Wake Platinum increase, since you fought him in Hearthome City.

Again, exploit the elemental weaknesses of his Pokemon and it should be a breeze. He'll run off, leaving you to enter Pastoria Gym. The layout hasn't changed since Diamond and Pearl, so the strategy remains the same: use the switches to raise or lower the water level so you can walk across the floating bridges. Create a path for yourself to get to Crasher Wake.

Ascend two flights Crashet stairs and hit the green switch - Go down one flight of stairs and head to the west side. Hit the blue switch by the sailor - Cross south, ignore the yellow switch and the male Tuber and cross over PPlatinum the female Tuber. Hit the green switch north of her, by the Fisherman - Head south down the flight of stairs and hit Crasuer yellow switch all the way south - Head north up and down the stairs, over to the other side of the gym, then Crasher Wake Platinum two Crasher Wake Platinum of stairs.

Hit the blue switch by the Fisherman Crasber Cross the two floating bridges to get to Wake. You'll also get TM55 - Brine, which deals double damage if the enemy Pokemon is at half health or less. Hello Guest. Log In. Quick Links:. Search the Psydex. Search psypokes. Search WWW. OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire. Black White Black2 White2. HeartGold SoulSilver. Diamond Pearl Platinum. FireRed LeafGreen. Ruby Sapphire Emerald. Gold Silver Crystal. Red Blue Yellow. Other Games. Platinum Walkthrough. Search the Psydex Search psypokes.

Route Wild Pokemon. Geodude Lv 21 - Graveler Lv 22 - Houndour Lv 22 - Rhyhorn Lv 21 - Zubat Lv Crashher Substitutions. Spoink Lv 21 - Vulpix Lv Platihum LeafGreen. Valor Lakefront Wild Pokemon. Bibarel Lv 25 - Dildo Anal Xxx Girafarig Lv 21 - Houndour Lv 27 - Kricketune Lv 21 - Staravia Lv 21 - Valor Lakefront Substitutions.

Buizel Lv 23 - Chatot Lv 23 - Shellos Lv 22 - Wingull Lv 24 - Rival Battle. Platinm you chose: Turtwig Chimchar Piplup. Ember Stomp Tail Whip Growl. Bubblebeam Peck Metal Claw Growl. Brine Waterfall Bite Twister. A decent Electric move should be able KO Gyarados within a couple of Crashwr due to its 4x weakness to Electric attacks. Similarly, a Grass move should take out Quagsire for the same reason. Whoever is leftover can fight Floatzel. Not too Craser of a battle, but just be careful of some unexpected side effects from attacks like Water Pulse, Bite and Crunch.

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Crasher Wake Platinum

Crasher Wake Platinum

Head to the north side of town where the two of you will team up against the two Grunts guarding the entrance to the warehouse. Following the battle, the Grunts will run into the warehouse and the Detective will talk to you.

Crasher Wake Platinum

Crasher Wake first appeared in the first Generation IV games. Wake's Gym is filled with switches where, if stepped on, will raise or lower the water level. Using these switches is the only way to reach Wake. Upon winning, the player will receive the Fen Badge, and TM Platinum.

Crasher Wake Platinum

Crasher Wake Platinum

22/06/ · I keep losing from crasher wake its platinum. platinum; gym; asked Jun 22, by Davyrdor edited Dec 2, by Pokemaster. just grind, btw hitmontop needs new moves, you have no grass type, i'd replace hitmontop with roselia or seeing as your using a .

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do i beat leader crasher wake? This is my party: Empoleon lv. Also, i just beat maylene, just so u know.

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