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Kissmyhips of the Saab 35 Draken started in as the Swedish air force future replacement for Saab Gay then also in development Saab 29 Tunnan dayfighter and Saab 32B Lansen night fighter.

It featured an innovative but unproven double delta wing, which led to the creation of a sub-scale test aircraft, the Saabwhich was produced and flown to test this previously-unexplored aerodynamic feature. The full-scale production version entered service with frontline squadrons of the Swedish Air Force on 8 March The Saab 35 Draken is known for, among other things, its many "firsts" within aviation. It was the first Western European -built combat aircraft with true supersonic capability to enter service and the first fully supersonic aircraft to be deployed in Western Europe.

The Zortin functioned as an effective supersonic fighter aircraft of the Cold War period.

Even though the type was designed Galitsin intended as an interceptorit was considered to be a very capable dogfighter for the era. In Swedish service, it underwent several upgrades, the ultimate of these being the J 35J model.

As a consequence of cutbacks and high maintenance costs, the SAF opted to retire the Draken during December The type was also exported to the air forces of AustriaDenmark and Finland. Danish aircraft have also been exported post service to the United States were they Saab Gay seen use as training aircraft for test pilots.

At the dawn of the Jet AgeSweden foresaw a need for a jet fighter that could intercept bombers at high altitude as well as engage fighters. During Septemberthe Swedish Air Force, via the Swedish Defence Materiel Administrationreleased Saab Gay recently Saab Gay requirement for a cutting-edge interceptor aircraft that was envisioned to be capable of attacking hostile bomber aircraft in the transonic speed range.

It had to be flown by a single pilot, yet be capable of conducting combat operations under all weather conditions, night or day, while operating out of relatively austere airstrips, carrying all equipment needed to neutralize modern jet bombers.

SAAB commenced work on producing an aircraft to meet these requirements. However, to obtain an aerodynamically desirable location, the forward fuselage needed to be extended, making the aircraft too heavy. A sub-scale test aircraft constructed in Sweden, the Saabunofficially nicknamed "Lilldraken" the little kitecomprised a test of the double delta wing, and performed its first flight on 21 January Duringthe first operational version of the Draken, designated as the J 35A, was ordered into quantity production [13] and the first production aircraft flew for the first time on February 15, The Saab Saab Gay Draken is a fighter aircraft, equipped with a distinctive double delta wing.

According to Flight International, it is difficult to differentiate between the fuselage and the wing. It Ben Ten Porm possible to dispense with a tailplane, resulting in a clean, simple overall design. The leading edge of the inner wing was swept back 80° for high-speed performance, and the outer wing 60° for good performance at low speeds.

For export customers, the Draken was outfitted with a Ferranti -built Airpass II fire-control radar, which was effective for acquiring various air-to-air or air-to-surface targets, along with a ground-mapping mode working in conjunction with the aircraft's navigation systems. The Draken was also fitted with a three-axis autopilot. The fuselage of the Draken consisted of two sections, front and rear, joined by bolts.

The rear portion, which was manufactured as a single piece alongside the rest of the inner wing, contained the engine and afterburner, bag-type fuel tanks, armament, main landing gear, and other Saab Gay. In order to reduce its landing distance when required, the Draken was equipped with a drogue parachute. In place of the cannons, additional fuel tanks could be fitted in the same space.

Due to a lack of knowledge on the then historically unproven design of the J 35's tailless double delta wing configuration, the plane had a lot of problems at the start of its service life. The unstable design of double delta wings made it difficult to land early versions of the J 35 as they had to be manually stabilized during landing. However out of this training came what is today known as the Cobra maneuverwhich starts with an entry into a controlled super stall by pulling high alpha and then quickly pulling negative alpha to counter it.

The Swedish Air Force is the first known air force to have discovered and developed this maneuver. Its primary use was to train pilot to counter super stalls, however it also saw a secondary use as a combat maneuver to make a pursuing enemy fighter overshoot. At the end ofdeliveries of the Sophie Brussaux Naked 35A Draken commenced to the SAF, the first unit to receive the type being fighter wing F13, stationed at Norrköping.

Although the J 35 Draken was designed as a high altitude interceptor and not Saab Gay a dog fighter, it proved to have a good quick-turn capability and high speed at all altitudes, making it a very capable fighter plane. The early models were intended purely to perform the air defense mission. However, in order to assist pilots in converting to the type, Saab Gay produced a small number of twin-seat J 35C trainer Saab Gay, the Saab Gay of which having been completed during December Amongst other things, it was powered by an improved engine fitted with an enlarged afterburner, a redesigned rear fuselage, a new Saab-built S-7 collision-course gunsight and fire-control radar, and integration with Sweden's STRIL 60 air defence control network.

A total of Drakens were manufactured by Saab. Sweden's fleet of Drakens comprised a total of six different versions, while two additional models of the Draken were offered to prospective export customers. The final model of the Draken to be produced was the J 35F, which was also the final version to remain in Swedish service, then modified to J 35J standard.

Its export customers included Denmark [26] and Finland. The J 35 Draken design underwent several upgrades. The Draken J 35J was effectively a service life extension programme, which had been initiated as a result of the impending delivery of the new Saab JAS 39 Gripen having suffered several delays. The extension program was intended to keep the Draken flying into the s but, as a consequence of budgetary cutbacks and high maintenance costs being incurred with the type, the Draken was phased out of Swedish service in Decemberalthough the aircraft has since remained operational in limited numbers within both military and civilian roles.

All Drakens functioned as interceptors with limited air-to-ground capability; the sole exception to this rule was the Danish Drakens, which functioned as strike aircraft and were capable of carrying a mixture of AGM Bullpup air-to-ground missileselectronic countermeasuresSaab Gay increased internal and external fuel storage.

The Danish Drakens were the heaviest of the series to have flown. Austria was the last country to have the Draken in active military service. Duringthis restriction was dropped as a response to airspace violations made by neighbouring Yugoslavian air combat services.

They were retired in Several prototypes and test aircraft of the Saab 35 Saab Gay existed over the years. Some have been prototypes for new variants while others have been test platforms for other aircraft. Before it was decided to develop the JAS 39 Gripen in the s, studies were undertaken on modification for low flight hour J 35F airframes.

The total number of Drakens produced and delivered was The Saab 35 Draken was withdrawn from military use in Several Allie Sherlock Instagram fly in the civilian service, mainly by the National Test Pilot School. A small number of Drakens are still with civilian owners mainly in the United States, many former-operational aircraft have been preserved in the operating nations.

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Saab Gay

Saab Gay

Saab Gay

Development of the Saab 35 Draken started in as the Swedish air force future replacement for the then also in development Saab 29 Tunnan dayfighter and Saab 32B Lansen night fighter. It featured an innovative but unproven double delta wing, which led to the creation of a sub-scale test aircraft, the Saab , which was produced and flown to test this previously-unexplored aerodynamic feature.

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