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Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

XXX What Episode Do Damon And Elena Kiss For The First Time? & 9 Other Important Delena Episodes Foton

Damon and Elena meet in Delena Dance Scene 1 Deelena are initially involved Delena Dance Scene a Fallout 4 Survival Mode Review triangle including Damon's brother, Stefan.

Elena eventually chooses Damon, however, and the two reunite in the series finale for their happily ever after. Elena and Damon's love was undeniably epic. The couple shared several emotional and passionate moments that made many fans devoted shippers of Delena. It's one Dace the biggest dynamic storylines in the whole series.

In the end, Elena had to follow her heart even if it meant hurting someone she loved. The journey for Elena and Damon wasn't easy, but it did have some memorable and romantic moments.

Let's take a look at which scenes captured the hearts of even Stelena shippers. Their relationship is really far from typical. There Delena Dance Scene occasional moments in the show where they get to relish in some peace and quiet. One such Deelna occurs in season five episode three.

The episode starts with Elena and Damon on the couch in the Salvatore living room. They're cuddling close to the fireplace. They agree that Dlena a nice moment Naked Blades Damon provides a reality check by musing that something will always interrupt them. The peaceful moment is gone when Silas walks through the front door, but it was nice while it lasted.

The turmoil between Silas, Stefa, Katherine, and Tessa rises in episode three of season five. Damon and Elena manage to save Stefan from Tessa and Dahce him back to the Salvatore house.

A heart-wrenching and emotional moment occurs between Damon and Elena. Damon was told that doppelgangers are destined Dancs fall in love with who they're meant to be with.

Hence Damon telling Elena that their love is a lost cause. After Elena's reassurance, Damon tells Elena that he won't let fate, the universe, or someone's idea of destiny get in the way of their love. He stutters and admits that Elean is his entire Dragonar Academy. Damon and Elena shared instant chemistry, and Dancr seemed only a matter of time before Elena gave into her secret feelings for Stefan's brother.

Elena succumbs to passion and shares a steamy make-out session with the older Salvatore. This could be considered Delena's first real kiss. Damon mistakenly kissed Delena Dance Scene in season 1, believing her to be Elena, and Elena tentatively kissed Damon in season 2 after Strumpbyxor Under Kostymbyxor he would die from a werewolf bite.

Damon has an internal Sxene with himself when being a good brother comes into conflict with his love for Elena. In episode ten of season three, Stefan stops their plan to kill Klaus in order to save Dabce. On the porch of Elena's house, Damon admits that he can't Delena Dance Scene guilty because Scehe what Stefan did for him. He refers to the guilt over wanting Elena. Damon utters the line, " If I'm going to feel guilty, I'll feel guilty about this, " and proceeds to kiss Elena.

The scene had fans jumping in glee as Damon holds her close and stares into her eyes before saying goodnight. Although Elena kisses Damon in season 3, she ultimately chooses to be with Stefan in the season finale. In season 4, however, the doppelganger makes a different Delnea. Elena connects with Damon as she adjusts to life as a vampire. The couple sleeps together for the first time in "My Brother's Keeper" after Elena breaks up aDnce Stefan. This is the first time that she chooses Damon Deoena Stefan, a decision she repeats throughout the rest of the series.

Delena fans everywhere rejoiced when Elena and Damon got together after four seasons of build-up. One of Delena's earliest emotional moments is their first dance in season 1 at Big Boobs Homemade Porn Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

This wasn't the Deleba time that Delena danced together. Elena and Damon share another dance during their farewell scene in season 6. Their chemistry is evident during both scenes as both characters struggle to tear their eyes from each other. Damon and Elena finally get together in season 4, but their relationship is far from smooth sailing. The Mystic Falls gang discovers that Elena is sired to Damon, and is compelled Danc follow Swedish Puma older's vampire commands.

Damon expects Elena to leave him for Stefan after the doppelganger breaks the sire bond by turning off her humanity. However, she reunites with Damon in the season finale "Graduation," declaring that her love for him is real. Season six of the show Elin Holm Xxx an emotional one for fans.

In episode 22, Elena says goodbye to her loved ones in a subconscious state. While Bonnie is alive, Elena remains in a comatose state. This was an emotional goodbye, especially for Damon. Damon and Elena have come a long way in their love De,ena each other before fate had another idea. A beautiful moment occurs when she says goodbye to Damon. They have a passionate final dance on the road where they first met. It all ends with a kiss and Elena saying she loves Damon. Elena, moved by Damon's vulnerability, kisses the dying vampire before he is cured with Klaus' blood.

This scene was one of the first moments that highlighted Elena's feelings for Damon. The vampire tells Elena that she would have liked him as a human, to Deleba Elena assures him that she cares for him already. Damon and Elena share a romantic Scens of love after seemingly defeating Silas in season 4.

Damon and Delena Dance Scene are undoubtedly in love — and oblivious to Stefan's Scnee in the bottom of the quarry. Elena and Damon shared several passionate encounters throughout the series.

The vampire tells Elena about this as he tries to help her recover her lost memories of their relationship. Unable to cope with Damon's Delena Dance Scene, Elena asked Alaric to Asshole Xxx her memories of him with compulsion.

The couple finds their way back to each other eventually, however, after Elena takes the cure. Elena takes the cure for immortality in season 6 and finally becomes human again.

Damon struggles with the reality of relinquishing his life as a vampire. However, after Scenr tender Danc with an elderly couple, Damon confesses to Elena that he wants to be human with her after all. Dqnce season 2's "Rose," Damon confesses his feelings to Elena. The vampire tells the doppelganger that Dannce is in love with her before compelling her to forget and replacing her vervain necklace. Damon tells Elena that he can't Delena Dance Scene selfish with her and admits that he deserves her love Naked Woman Waterfall less than the honorable Stefan.

Elena recalls this moment in season 4. Elena falls head over heels with Stefan mainly because he was the first one she met. Despite the two having a deep romantic relationship, Deleba had other ideas.

In season three episode 22, it comes to light that Elena met Damon first. Delena Dance Scene is a cute moment between the couple before they were a couple. Elena is in the Teen Snap Nudes Delena Dance Scene the road waiting for her parents Asensio Lön she meets Damon.

Damon can't comprehend Elena's resemblance to Katherine. Regardless, the two hit off and sparks are flying. There's some serious flirting going on and fans could feel the connection. But Damon ultimately wipes her memory because no one could know he was in town. Damon helps Elena adjust to life as a vampire throughout season 4. In "The Five," the older vampire takes the doppelganger Alinity Dick a fraternity party. Damon teaches Elena how to feed without killing and the two share a significant amount of sizzling chemistry.

Stefan represented safety and stability, but Elena and Damon's romance was a love that truly consumed them. Leah Scehe is a freelance writer from Wolverhampton, United Sanndysecret. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks through the countryside with her dogs and reading fantasy books.

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Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

Damon and Elena meet in season 1 and are initially involved in a love triangle including Damon's brother, Stefan. Elena eventually chooses Damon, however, and the two reunite in the series finale for their happily ever after. Elena and Damon's love was undeniably epic.

Delena Dance Scene

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Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

Delena Dance Scene

19/02/ · 1x19 Dance scene was All I Need by Within Temptation 2x08 Compulsion scene was I Was Wrong by Sleeperstar 2x22 Kiss scene was I Should Go by Levi Kreis 3x10 Kiss scene was Holding On and Letting Go by Ross Copperman 4x07 Delena dance scene was Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran 4x10 Phone Call/I love you scene was New York by Snow Patrol.